We have a wide variety of sweets ready to be picked for our sweet boxes and bags...

Jumbo Shrimps
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles
Fizzy Snakes
Giant Sour Dummies
Sour Dummies
Haribo Rings
Haribo Eggs
white mice
Spinning Tops
Porky Pigs
White Stars
Kola Cubes
Pear Drops
Sherbert Lemons
Fizzy strawberries pencil bites
Fizzy bubblegum bottles
Dolly Mixture
Swizzels Refreshers
Strawberry Pencils
Multi Coloured Pencils
Giant Strawberries
Jelly Snakes
Jelly Beans
Fizzy Watermelon
Foam Bananas
Strawberry twist kisses
Fizzy rainbow bites
Chocolate footballs
Haribo rhubarb and custard
Black Jacks
Fizzy Tongues
Fish & Chips
Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
Fizzy Teeth
Fizzy Strawberries
Twin Cherries
Paint Brushes
Haribo Hearts
Love Hearts
Parma Violets
Fizzy Chips
Fruit Salad
Pink & White Mice
Jelly Fish
Strawberry bon bons
Jelly Babies
Pink Chocolate Hearts
Beer Bottles
Blue raspberry bon bons
Jelly Bears
Dracula Teeth
Jelly Bones
Chocolate Coins
Pink and White Mice
Liquorice Allsorts
Milkshake Bottles
Flying Saucers
Candy Necklaces
Candy Sticks
ABC Alphabet Letters
Jelly Filled Skulls
Swizzel variety mix
White Chocolate Snowies
Chocolate Jazzies
Unicorn Coins
Pirate Coins